New Books From Language Lizard

Dimensions: 8w x 10h inches, 24 pages


 The DesertsCoral Reefs, and Tropical Rainforests books offer clear direct information supported by colorful realistic illustrations in which textures come alive and fill the pages. Each book provides an overview of a biome and then highlights the way specific plants and animals adapt and interact within the environment. The text covers the breadth and depth present in each ecosystem, encouraging the reader to explore even more.

– Glen Denys, 5th Grade Teacher & Naturalist

 The books in the habitat series have attractive, vibrant, and colorful illustrations for children. They include many real and interesting facts about habitats that allow readers to want to explore more.

– Shannon Butler, 2nd Grade Teacher

 Beautifully illustrated, engaging, and accurately depicted stories about the global diversity of biomes on our planet. These books are an educational must-have for all children.

– John G. Brum, Science Teacher

 The content is presented in a way that is factual yet easy to read. These books can help bridge the gaps for ELL students and non-ELL students alike.

– Kathy Haines, Environmental Science Teacher

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