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Everything You Need to Know About Nonbinary Gender Identities (The Need to Know Library)

In a society where most people refer to themselves as male or female, teens who identify as nonbinary can struggle to feel accepted. This essential volume explains what it means to identify as nonbinary and discusses the challenges that come with having a gender identity that is not well understood. Readers will learn the difference between gender and birth sex, and discover the many variations of gender identity that fall under the umbrella of nonbinary. This volume also discusses coming out as nonbinary, gender dysphoria and transition, and resources available for teens dealing with issues surrounding gender identity.

Tyler Oakley: LGBTQ+ Activist with More Than 660 Million Views (Top YouTube Stars)

Tyler Oakley is one of YouTube’s vastly popular vloggers and an icon in the LGBTQ+ community. He has been featured as a major influencer in TIME Magazine, Forbes, The Advocate, and Out Magazine. With more than 7 million YouTube subscribers, his videos have been viewed more than 650 million times. Tyler’s success did not happen overnight, and it has not always come easy. This captivating book reveals Tyler Oakley’s amazing story, from growing up poor in Michigan where he dealt with bullies, body issues, and struggle to come out, to his mega success as a YouTube star.

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